Our Vitiligo recipe

How to successfully fight Vitiligo? Let us answer the most frequently asked question and mention all types of non-invasive treatments. But first, let's introduce to you shortly, how the Vitiligo originates. There are two main theories of the cause of origin.

  • The most common is autoimmune destruction of melanocytes.
  • Another theory relies on self-destruction by its own enzymatic processes in the failure of cell cycle regulation under oxidative stress.

So how do we support immunity and combat oxidative stress?

It is based on good diet and stress elimination. Unless these two conditions are met, treatment alone is not absolutely meaningful.

So, what are our options? I will introduce to you my working combination in the fight against Vitiligo (different through the year). 

  1. Phototherapy - light treatment
  2. immunomodulators- the most effective products, however it is prescription (apply every day in the morning and at bedtime)
  3. Vitix gel and tablets
  4. Vitamins and minerals - mainly vitamin D3 due to lack of sun
  5. Cosmetic camouflage

During spring/summer months, I recommend a lot of sunshine in combination with Vitix gel and vitamins (preferably in natural form). I apply Vitix gel once before tanning and the second time before bedtime. For camouflage of Vitiligo I use Viticolor, because of its darker color which is ideal for summer.


Phototherapy – Light treatment

It is certainly the most effective way to achieve repigmentation. It is a combination of ultraviolet UVB radiation with a length of 311 nanometers and a Vitix gel, which increases the effectiveness of the therapy.

You can opt for home phototherapy and buy a hand UVB lamp Dermalight 80 or visit medical facilities and go for regular irradiation.

I recommend reading about repigmentation caused by UVB therapy HERE.


Vitix gel and tablets

These two products are the No. 1 choice in the treatment of Vitiligo. Vitix gel contains enzymes that do not work properly in our skin. The recommended duration of treatment is 6 to 12 months, so do not expect miracles after the first month. Treatment is recommended in combination with sun exposure or UVB phototherapy.

Many of us use Vitiskin and Vitix gels as a supplement to therapies and ask about the use of Vitix tablets. They are recommended as a supplement against cellular damage and oxidative stress. They contain the primary and secondary antioxidants + enzymes our skin requires. This box has 30 tablets, so it lasts a month.


Vitamins and minerals

They play an important role in the fight against vitiligo. Since our skin needs a higher dose of vitamins than other people, we need to support it. A rich diet together with a high intake of vitamins and minerals helps the body to fight oxidative stress and can therefore slow down or stop the depigmentation process altogether.

A, C, E, Selenium and Chlorella act as potent antioxidants and neutralize oxidative stress.

D3, B-complex, Zinc and Beta-carotene in turn guarantee proper functioning of immunity and healthy skin.

Antioxidants can play an important role in neutralizing oxidative stress and diseases caused by free radicals - including vitiligo.


Vitiligo and food

Where do we find important vitamins and minerals?

  • Vitamin B12 - beef and pork, liver, eggs, tuna, cheese, milk
  • Vitamin C - blackcurrants, rose hips, peppers, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits
  • Vitamin D - eggs, fish
  • Vitamin E - cereal sprouts, vegetable oils, nuts, leafy vegetables
  • Folic acid (B9) - green leaves such as lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cereal grains
  • Selenium - tuna, nuts, sunflower seeds, shrimps, tomatoes, whole grain bread
  • Zinc - wheat germ, yeast, pork and beef, liver, pumpkin seeds
  • Vitamin A - carrots, winter pumpkin, tomatoes, green beans
  • Beta-carotene - carrots, orange pepper, curly tusk, peaches, apricots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach



Vitiligo can be covered in visible places, hands or face with a make-up, which will soften the contrast between healthy and affected skin. We can also reach for self-tanning creams that will color the skin. The most famous self-tanning product Viticolor and its review I described in detail HERE


Vitiligo treatment at glance

Vitiligo treatment at glance
  • High-quality diet (especially healthier and richer in vitamins - heavy meals very rarely)
  • Good sleep (melatonin is produced in the body, especially at night. Melatonin eats free radicals and improves the overall effectiveness of each antioxidant.)
  • Omit alcohol and cigarettes (perhaps not even commenting)
  • Sport (watch out for sedentary lifestyle, organism and immunity weaken - in my career my athlete has been holding back Vitiligo for years!)
  • Movement in nature (I personally chose a bike and in winter skiing and hiking)
  • Sea (sun and saltwater are the best for the Vitiligo, however watch out for protection, sensitive areas need to be protected with SPF 50)
  • Vitamins and minerals (mentioned above)
  • Light treatment


Do not hesitate to contact me for advice on treatment, products or orders.

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