Our Vitiligo recipe

How to successfully fight Vitiligo? Let us answer the most frequently asked question and mention all types of non-invasive treatments. But first, let's introduce to you shortly, how the Vitiligo originates.

There are two main theories of the cause of origin.

  • The most common is autoimmune destruction of melanocytes.
  • Another theory relies on self-destruction by its own enzymatic processes in the failure of cell cycle regulation under oxidative stress.

If you want to know more about what vitiligo is and how it occurs, read our blog: "What is vitiligo".

One of the most successful options in the fight against vitiligo is a combination of:

1) Phototherapy - light treatment (Spring, Autumn, Winter) or sunlight (summer).

2) Prescription immunomodulators - apply every day in the morning and before going to bed.

3) Vitistop gel - the most effective gel for depigmentation regulation and vitiligo management. Suitable in combination with UVB phototherapy or the sun rays.

4) Vitistop tablets - they contain the patented herbal active ingredient EXTRAMEL® in combination with vitamins (C, D3, E, B1, B5, B9, B12) and minerals (selenium, copper, zinc). Vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, selenium and zinc help protect cells from oxidative stress.

5) Vitamins and minerals - mainly vitamin D3 due to lack of sun. We have described all the necessary vitamins that have an effect on vitiligo in our article: "The effect of vitamins on vitiligo".

6) Necessary nutrition - chlorella, collagen is also a good supplement in the treatment of vitiligo.

7) Cosmetic camouflage - serves to cover vitiligo and thus also to increase self-confidence.

We have prepared an E-book, for you where we explain the exact procedure of how to use our Vitistop products in combination with phototherapy.


It is definitely the most effective way to achieve repigmentation. It is a combination of ultraviolet UVB radiation with a length of 311 nanometers and Vitistop gel, which increases the effectiveness of the therapy.

You can opt for home phototherapy and buy a handheld UVB lamp Dermalight 80 from us or visit medical facilities and go for regular irradiation.
You can read more about phototherapy in our blog: "Phototherapy - light therapy".

The basis is a good lifestyle and elimination of stress. Unless these two conditions are met, the treatment itself has absolutely no meaning.

We described the effect of stress on vitiligo in more detail in the article: "Vitiligo and stress".


A healthy lifestyle is the basis for our body, because it affects our musculoskeletal system, the health of our cardiovascular system, nervous system, and last but not least, it is reflected in the condition of our skin, hair and nails. Eating healthy, balanced and high-quality food is a matter of course for all people nowadays, not only for those who have any disease.

Where do we find important vitamins and minerals?

Vitamin B12 - beef and pork, liver, eggs, tuna, cheese, milk
Vitamin C - blackcurrants, rose hips, peppers, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits
Vitamin D - eggs, fish
Vitamin E - cereal sprouts, vegetable oils, nuts, leafy vegetables
Folic acid (B9) - green leaves such as lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cereal grains
Selenium - tuna, nuts, sunflower seeds, shrimps, tomatoes, whole grain bread
Zinc - wheat germ, yeast, pork and beef, liver, pumpkin seeds
Vitamin A - carrots, winter pumpkin, tomatoes, green beans
Beta-carotene - carrots, orange pepper, curly tusk, peaches, apricots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach

In our article "Vitamins and vitiligo" are all the necessary mentioned vitamins which are important in the treatment of vitiligo.

Don't forget to check out the reviews from our customers who have successfully repigmented some parts of their spots thanks to our products.

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Your result

Share with us about your progress in repigmenting vitiligo.

  • My vitiligo started about 10 years ago with a small spot on my arm. Over the years it progressed to the point where my hands were all white and much of my arms were also affected.


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  • Lena C.

    I have had vitiligo since I was 14 years old. Gradually my spots got bigger and spread. Two years ago I started to actively engage in sports and changed my diet.


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  • Hello, I would like to share with you my story and the results after a year of treatment. Vitiligo appeared 4-5 years ago inconspicuously with small spots on my face.


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  • Petra K.

    Hello everyone, I am reporting after a long time with my results. I had vitiligo ten months ago.



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  • Hi, I would like to share my progress on vitiligo repigmentation. I send photos after 3 months of using Vitistop gel. I have to say, that I can already see the difference.


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  • Hello, thanks to Peter, I managed to repigment my spots, which began after the infection with dangerous malaria in Africa, which I brought from my holiday.


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  • Andrew S.


    I am sending my leg and elbow repigmentation, which started about 3 weeks after vacation.


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  • Andy H.

    Hi, I would like to say a few words about the Vitistop product. I started using protopik last year, but not very regularly. Anyway, the results are visible ...


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  • Hi Peter, I'm sending you my photo after UVB treatment. I went to Topolcany for radiation and needle therapy and then I stopped.


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  • Hello, I bought the UVB Dermalight lamp in vitiligoshop about a year ago. As soon as I started using it, repigmentation started to appear after about 4 months.


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  • Vitiligo started appearing to me about seven years ago. At first it was a few small spots on the hands and elbows, but gradually the spots grew larger. 


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  • Hi, vitiligo appeared to me about 5 years ago. After birth of my daughter and breastfeeding her, I noticed the first spots. I started using Vitix gel and 


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  • Hi Peter, I am sending you my photos after 6 months of treatment for my vitiligo, which I am already 29 years old. I am an example of the fact that some spots can...


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  • I started treatment on February 1, 2021. I am being treated according to your instructions. Vitix gel 10 min before lighting...


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  • I would like to brag about my progress in the treatment of vitiligo ... It's been 2 months and the result is VISIBLE! I use a UVB lamp Dermalight 80, vitix gel...


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  • Hi, I've been fighting vitiligo since I was 19 years old. The first flak appeared to me when I was working abroad and there was an incredibly difficult job...


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  • Hi Peter, I discovered the first spots on my neck in about January 2021. At that time, I probably only heard about vitiligo from magazines...


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Vitiligo treatment at glance

Vitiligo treatment at glance
  • High-quality diet (especially healthier and richer in vitamins - heavy meals very rarely)
  • Good sleep (melatonin is produced in the body, especially at night. Melatonin eats free radicals and improves the overall effectiveness of each antioxidant.)
  • Omit alcohol and cigarettes (perhaps not even commenting)
  • Sport (watch out for sedentary lifestyle, organism and immunity weaken - in my career my athlete has been holding back Vitiligo for years!)
  • Movement in nature (I personally chose a bike and in winter skiing and hiking)
  • Sea (sun and saltwater are the best for the Vitiligo, however watch out for protection, sensitive areas need to be protected with SPF 50)
  • Vitistop products
  • Vitamins and minerals 
  • Light treatment
  • Cosmetic camouflage

Do not hesitate to contact me for advice on treatment, products or orders.

All of the above-mentioned products are available at the lowest prices in our online shop!


    Dermalight® 80R UVB


    German handheld UV lamp for home light treatment with UVB radiation with a wavelength of 311 nm.

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    345 €

  • Standard package 89 € 15%


    Standard package

    Standard package containing Vitistop gel and all necessary vitamins and minerals + Zanderm masking concealer.

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    89 € Discount 15.7%

  • Dermalight® 80R UVB + Vitistop gel and tablets 430 € 17%


    Dermalight® 80R UVB + Vitistop gel and tablets

    German handheld UV lamp for home light treatment with UVB radiation with a wavelength of 311 nm.

    In stock

    355 €

    430 € Discount 17.4%


    Vitistop gel


    Gel for depigmentation regulation and vitiligo management. Suitable in combination with UVB phototherapy or the sun.

    In stock

    40 €


    Vitistop "60"


    Vitistop tablets are an essential element in the fight against vitiligo. Unique tablets with a high content of key vitamins and components like L-Tyrosine or EXTRAMEL® (Superoxide dismutase).

    In stock

    32 €

  • Vitistop "30"


    Unique tablets with a high content of key vitamins and EXTRAMEL® (Superoxide dismutase).

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    18 €

  • Vitix tablets 25 € 20%

    Vitix tablets


    Combination of primary and secondary antioxidants that eliminate cellular damage.

    In stock

    20 €

    25 € Discount 20%

  • Vitix gel


    The most widely used and well-known gel for depigmentation regulation and vitiligo management. Also suitable in combination with UVB phototherapy (light treatment) and sun.

    In stock

    35 €


    Vitamin D3


    It strongly supports the immune system and restores pigmentation, especially during the winter months.

    In stock

    8 €

  • Camouflage package

    Revolutionary vitiligo camouflage from United States! The package includes a wide and precise concealer along with a new revolutionary sponge for even better application.

    In stock

    55 €


    Zanderm precision concealer

    Handy precision concealer by luxury cosmetics Zanderm immediately masks small spots of Vitiligo with a few quick moves.

    In stock

    18 €

  • Chlorella Japan 750 tbl


    100% BIO product to support the detoxification and proper functioning of the immune system.

    In stock

    16 €

  • Ginkgo 24/6


    It has positive antioxidant and immunomodulatory features on vitiligo treatment. Ginkgo extract has been repeatedly shown to be highly effective against these two causes (oxidative stress and autoimmune destruction).

    In stock

    9 €


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