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With the arrival of summer and ever-increasing sunny days, we reveal our body and especially our skin is more in zanderm the eyes of others. Most of us look forward to tanned brown skin, but people with vitiligo often feel differently. Of course, we have nothing to be ashamed of, but still our self-confidence can suffer a bit.

So if you are bothered by faded spots, then we have a solution!

Zanderm is a revolutionary unique camouflage made with love especially for people with vitiligo.
It serves to cover the vitiligo and thus to increase self-confidence.

We recommend the Light Neutral shade during the year and a slightly darker Light Tan shade in the summer.
With our eight unique shades, we offer different applicators for different skin tones.

In summer, you should never forget about sunscreens with SPF50 +.

We offer you a tailor-made "Camouflage packagefor a special price, which is an ideal helper for covering vitiligo.

For new customers: Zanderm precision aplicator for only € 8. (!!! limit: 3 shades per new customer !!!)

Can't choose the right makeup? Need to compare brand, price and quality?                                                     

In our blog you will find all the necessary information - Vitiligo makeup - product test.

Your result

Share with us about your progress in repigmenting vitiligo.

  • My vitiligo started about 10 years ago with a small spot on my arm. Over the years it progressed to the point where my hands were all white and much of my arms were also affected.


    Read more

  • Lena C.

    I have had vitiligo since I was 14 years old. Gradually my spots got bigger and spread. Two years ago I started to actively engage in sports and changed my diet.


    Read more

  • Hello, I would like to share with you my story and the results after a year of treatment. Vitiligo appeared 4-5 years ago inconspicuously with small spots on my face.


    Read more

  • Petra K.

    Hello everyone, I am reporting after a long time with my results. I had vitiligo ten months ago.



    Read more

  • Hi, I would like to share my progress on vitiligo repigmentation. I send photos after 3 months of using Vitistop gel. I have to say, that I can already see the difference.


    Read more

  • Hello, thanks to Peter, I managed to repigment my spots, which began after the infection with dangerous malaria in Africa, which I brought from my holiday.


    Read more

  • Andrew S.


    I am sending my leg and elbow repigmentation, which started about 3 weeks after vacation.


    Read more

  • Andy H.

    Hi, I would like to say a few words about the Vitistop product. I started using protopik last year, but not very regularly. Anyway, the results are visible ...


    Read more

  • Hi Peter, I'm sending you my photo after UVB treatment. I went to Topolcany for radiation and needle therapy and then I stopped.


    Read more

  • Hello, I bought the UVB Dermalight lamp in vitiligoshop about a year ago. As soon as I started using it, repigmentation started to appear after about 4 months.


    Read more

  • Vitiligo started appearing to me about seven years ago. At first it was a few small spots on the hands and elbows, but gradually the spots grew larger. 


    Read more

  • Hi, vitiligo appeared to me about 5 years ago. After birth of my daughter and breastfeeding her, I noticed the first spots. I started using Vitix gel and 


    Read more 

  • Hi Peter, I am sending you my photos after 6 months of treatment for my vitiligo, which I am already 29 years old. I am an example of the fact that some spots can...


    Read more 

  • I started treatment on February 1, 2021. I am being treated according to your instructions. Vitix gel 10 min before lighting...


    Read more

  • I would like to brag about my progress in the treatment of vitiligo ... It's been 2 months and the result is VISIBLE! I use a UVB lamp Dermalight 80, vitix gel...


    Read more 

  • Hi, I've been fighting vitiligo since I was 19 years old. The first flak appeared to me when I was working abroad and there was an incredibly difficult job...


    Read more

  • Hi Peter, I discovered the first spots on my neck in about January 2021. At that time, I probably only heard about vitiligo from magazines...


    Read more 


    Precision Applicator - First time customer

    First time customers: Precision Applicators for just 8€ each.

    In stock

    8 €


    Zanderm precision concealer

    Handy precision concealer by luxury cosmetics Zanderm immediately masks small spots of Vitiligo with a few quick moves.

    In stock

    18 €


    Zanderm wide concealer

    Handy wide concealer by luxury cosmetics Zanderm immediately masks large spots of Vitiligo with a few quick moves.

    In stock

    32 €

  • Camouflage package 55 € 9%

    Camouflage package

    Revolutionary vitiligo camouflage from United States! The package includes a wide and precise concealer along with a new revolutionary sponge for even better application.

    In stock

    50 €

    55 € Discount 9.1%


    Beauty Blender sponge


    New revolutionary make-up sponge, which will create the perfect camouflage of vitiligo in combination with Zanderm cosmetics.

    In stock

    5 €

  • Viticolor 24 € 50%



    Durable skin camouflage gel, permanently colours depigmented areas for 3-5 days. It can be used in conjunction with the usual treatment of vitiligo, especially with phototherapy and Vitix gel.

    In stock

    12 €

    24 € Discount 50%

  • Standard package 83 € 9%


    Standard package

    Standard package containing Vitistop gel and all necessary vitamins and minerals + Zanderm masking concealer.

    In stock

    75 €

    83 € Discount 9.6%


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