Marine collagen 200g

Marine collagen 200g

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100% pure bioactive marine collagen powder made from fish by special enzymatic hydrolysis.

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Why to purchase our collagen?

  • 100% BIO marine collagen without additives
  • No added substances, flavours, flavourings, colourings, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
  • The daily dose contains 4000 mg of active hydrolysed collagen
  • It contains vitamin C which enhances its absorbability
  • Low price

What are the positive effects of collagen?

  • Nourishes joints, cartilage and bones
  • Increases skin elasticity - the skin is smoother and more flexible
  • Reduces wrinkle formation and its visibility
  • Heals skin inflammations
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin
  • Accelerates healing after fractures, childbirth or surgery
  • Provides nutrition for hair and nails
  • Improves skin healing in injuries and burns
  • Softens the edges of old scars

What is collagen, and why should it be supplemented after 25 years of life?

Collagen is a protein that is found virtually throughout our body. Mostly, it affects the condition of joints and skin quality. For these two reasons the collagen is essential for our body. It is well known that since the age of 25, the human body is gradually losing its ability to form collagen, and its amount is reduced by 1.5% every year. After 40 years of life, the human body does not create it almost at all. To maintain a healthy and supple skin it is important to supplement it regularly.

Why to use a fish collagen?

Fish collagen is absorbed up to 1.5 times better than beef and porcine collagen because of its low molecular weight. Fish collagen is absorbed through the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream and is then transmitted throughout the body. Pure fish collagen enters the bloodstream much faster than other types of collagen, making it the best source of collagen for the skin.

How is the collagen deficiency manifested?

  • Increased wrinkle formation
  • Joint and bone pain
  • Weak and brittle nails
  • Hair loss

Main ingredients:
Biological hydrolysed marine collagen, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)
One dose of 5g contains 750mg of vitamin C.
Preparation: Add 1.5 scoop (approx. 5g) to a glass of lukewarm water or juice and mix well.
Package content: powder 200g

I was so happy to find this specific col...

Lena, 11.4.2021 11:25.44

I was so happy to find this specific colagen on your website. Thanks a lot also for email consultation

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