Vitiligo in fashion

Vitiligo in fashion: beauty in diversity
Vitiligo model

Fashion reflects society and plays a significant role in pushing the boundaries of beauty and acceptance. In recent years, we have witnessed increased diversity in the modelling industry, with models with a variety of distinctive features emerging, including those with Vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes loss of pigment in certain areas of the skin, creating white patches. It not only affects the physical appearance of those affected, but can also affect their self-esteem and self-acceptance. In the context of traditional ideas of beauty, it can be difficult for women with vitiligo to make it in the fashion industry. Nevertheless, positive changes have been observed in recent years and the vitiligo community is gaining support.

The burgeoning fashion scene is becoming a place where diversity is celebrated and uniqueness is embraced. In the present day, the importance of the presence of models with Vitiligo, who become the faces of well-known brands and campaigns, cannot be overlooked. Their success is not only about presenting clothes, but also about revealing the story of their own beauty and acceptance of themselves.

Vitiligo model - Winnie Harlow:

One of the most prominent names in modelling is Canadian vitiligo model of Jamaican origin Winnie Harlow, who has suffered from the autoimmune skin disease since the age of four. She openly displays her vitiligo spots and has become an inspiration to many. Her participation in the TV competition format was just the beginning, as she has since become the face for brands such as Desigual and Diesel. Winnie Harlow has boldly challenged conventional ideas of beauty, standing out as a proud representative of people with vitiligo. Her road to success has not been easy, but she has not stopped at obstacles, inspiring millions of people around the world. She was often nicknamed zebra or cow by her classmates because of the white patches on her dark skin. As a result, she often changed schools, suffered from low self-esteem, depression and even contemplated suicide. At first glance, Winnie is different and truly unmissable. But it was her "handicap" as she perceived it for vitiligo years that finally brought her to the limelight.

Chantelle Brown-Young (Winnie 2.0):

Another outstanding personality is Chantelle Brown-Young, also known as "Winnie 2.0". This young vitiligo model, who rose to fame on the television competition America's Next Top Model, celebrates her vitiligo beauty and is active in the fashion and modeling industry.

Amy Deanna:

American model Amy Deanna is another example of how vitiligo can be a powerful visual element in the fashion industry. Through her work in CoverGirl's campaign, she has created a space for diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry.

Breanne Rice:

Another promising face in the fashion industry with vitiligo is Breanne Rice. This American not only has a successful modeling career, but is also a voice for self-confidence and acceptance of one's unique beauty.

Curtis McDaniel Curtis McDaniel

Within male modelling, there is no shortage of examples in the form of Curtis McDaniel. Curtis McDaniel is an American model known for his bold and confident approach to vitiligo, a skin disease that affects the loss of pigment in the skin. Curtis' struggle with vitiligo has motivated him to become a voice for acceptance of himself and others with this skin disease. He became involved as a vitiligo model to show that vitiligo doesn't have to define a person, but can enhance their uniqueness and beauty. His story is proof that diversity and self-confidence are true elements of beauty.

In addition to the aforementioned familiar faces, new generations of vitiligo models such as Moostapha Saidi and Alpha Ndoye, Tia Jonsson are coming on the scene to remind us that beauty and diversity are ever expanding in the fashion industry.

All models with vitiligo not only bring their unique looks to the fashion world, but also push the boundaries of embracing diversity. Their stories provide us with inspiration and encouragement to embrace our own uniqueness with pride.

But we would like you to realize that vitiligo is more than just a skin disease. It can be seen as a unique gift that anyone can embrace and use to their advantage, as these vitiligo models in the fashion world have done. It's important to remember that beauty and uniqueness come in different forms, and sometimes it's better to accept from life what we were created for. We support the idea that every individual is beautiful and unique just as they are, and we wish you to feel comfortable in your own skin and discover your own unique beauty.

Vitistop gel

We understand that self-acceptance is a journey that is not easy for everyone. For those who desire to repigment their white spots, we are here with our products. On our eshop you will find specially formulated gels and tablets called Vitistop. These products are designed to help restore skin pigmentation and alleviate the signs of vitiligo. Thanks to their effective ingredients, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers who have gradually achieved improvement and repigmented their vitiligo spots.

Real reviews of our satisfied customers can be found in this section: Your results.

For those who are looking for a quick and effective solution to cover white spots, we offer top-quality cosmetic products under the Zanderm brand. Zanderm is a revolutionary unique camouflage made with love specifically for people with vitiligo. It is used to cover vitiligo and thus increase self-confidence.

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