About Vitiligoshop

How did we start and who we actually are?

We are a family business that has been helping people who, like us, suffer from vitiligo.

vitiligo rodina

mom: She works in our vitiligo warehouse and carefully packages all packages that will be delivered to you by courier within a few days.

father: He helped to implement the whole project, as it was really very difficult to carry out alongside work. Currently, he covers accounting and logistics.

sister: In addition to her profession as a programmer, she helps us with graphics and other technical issues related to the e-shop.

Peter O. (me): Founder of Vitiligoshop. Among other things, I am a distributor of Dermalight medical devices from Dr.Hönle Medizintechnik GmbH aimed at the treatment of vitiligo and other skin diseases. (https://www.drhoenle.de/)

My vitiligo story

vitiligo peter

But let's start from the beginning. It was 2016 and after a very difficult period, accompanied by deaths in the family and stress at work, I suddenly developed vitiligo. Because of the ongoing problems, I didn't attach any importance to it at the time. The first spots appeared on my fingers and genital area, then they started to spread to my knees and fists. I visited a dermatologist thinking that I would get medicine and everything would go back to normal. But that didn't happen. I only got a dismissive answer, that vitiligo cannot be treated and that I should learn to live with this disease and prepare for the fact that I will eventually be all blotchy. It may sound incredible, but in 2016, awareness of vitiligo was very low and information about it was scarce.

Honestly, I got really scared and told myself that I will do everything to stop the spread. I began intensively studying the worldwide research on vitiligo and also approached several foreign doctors who researched and treated vitiligo. I found out the options and what works for vitiligo. I also read a lot of personal experiences from people on various internet forums, whom I then contacted to ask for more information to help me stop the spread of vitiligo. Then I began to test all these experiences and findings on myself.

I completely changed my lifestyle, I started to practice sports very actively again and pay more attention to stress, because I learned that stress can be a dangerous spreader of vitiligo. In addition, I started taking many nutritional supplements and adjusted my diet. Thanks to these changes, my body gradually started to defend itself against vitiligo to the point where it stopped spreading completely. It was already the end of 2018, when I started spontaneously repigmenting my knees while on vacation by the sea in Mallorca. Later, thanks to the UVB lamp, I also repigmented the white spots on my genitals within a few months. I was really very happy that this more than two-year struggle was moving in a positive direction and that the doctor's assumptions that he diagnosed me with in 2016 did not come true.

Because of this success and enthusiasm, I was motivated to create a community of people to share my vitiligo experience with and try to help them the way I helped myself.

And so, at the beginning of 2019, this page was created, where I collected all the information and products that I tried and that I knew were helpful.

Successes of Vitiligoshop

February 2019 - The creation of Vitiligoshop. In collaboration with dermatologists, we have raised general awareness of vitiligo, made available the most effective treatment methods and started offering free consultations.

vitiligoshop logo


2020 - We became the exclusive distributor and authorized service of German medical devices Dermalight from Dr. Hönle Medizintechnik GmbH with a focus on the treatment of vitiligo and other skin diseases (https://www.drhoenle.de/)

Dr Hoenle logo


2020 - Expansion of sales throughout Europe

EU flag


2021 - We created and marketed Vitstop tablets containing Extramel and other important ingredients that serve to slow or stop the spread of vitiligo. In some patients, repigmentation itself was initiated.

Vitistop tablety


2022 - Based on cooperation with dermatologists and our experience, together with the Dutch branch of Vitiligoshop, we produced a new product called Vitistop gel. It was created as the strongest over-the-counter product, after using which people saw results after the first weeks of use.

Vitistop gel

Who we work with

We supply only certified and high-quality products made in the European Union. Our policy is to sell only the highest quality products.

Our main suppliers:

Dr Hoenle

Dr. Hönle Medizintechnik GmbH - manufacturer of Dermalight medical devices, which guarantee genuine German quality and for which we also provide authorized service and distribution.

Biomedica logo

Biomedica - certified manufacturer of medical cosmetics.




Greenpharm - manufacturer of nutritional supplements that support the health of our customers.


What we offer

Vitiligoshop is not just an ordinary store, but also a community of people and friends who exchange experiences with each other and help psychologically as well. We provide free treatment advice and possible psychological help, since we know exactly how you feel.

Vitiligo is not only a cosmetic problem, but mainly a psychological one. Therefore, in addition to the treatment, we also offer people a special Zanderm cosmetic camouflage, which perfectly disguises vitiligo and gives a person a pleasant feeling of relief from a uniform skin colour.

vitiligo makeup


If we have positively appealed to you and won your trust, we invite you to join us in the fight and show others strength and endurance in this difficult struggle. We will be very happy if you too can boast of great results, just like our other customers.

It is also a satisfaction and a good feeling for us when we know that what we do is really meaningful.



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