Dermalight® 80R UVB


Dermalight® 80R UVB


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German handheld UV lamp for home light treatment with UVB radiation with a wavelength of 311 nm. Read more

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345 €

Warehouse number: 1400010

Producer: Dr.Hoenle


Why is the Dermalight 80 UVB lamp in the Vitiligo shop?

  1. UVB therapy is so far the most effective method of restoring lost pigment, also used by dermatologists.
  2. The creation of a new pigment, the so-called repigmentation is provoked by the gentle burning of vitiligo. UVB light is therefore an integral part of the treatment of this disease.
  3. !! Owning a home UVB lamp is very important, since fresh new spots can be repigmented very quickly thanks to the high memory trace of melanocytes (pigment cells), and the ability to repigment new spots is a matter of a few rays. !!
  4. In addition to the treatment of vitiligo, the UVB light spectrum with a wavelength of 311 nm is also very effective for the treatment of psoriasis.


Fully certified German quality product with UVB radiation at 311 nm. Focused on effective home-based treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis. The comb's teeth provide the ideal distance from the UV emitter to the skin. 

The complete package consists of:

  • Dermalight® 80 handheld device with power cord
  • Combination handpiece
  • Instructions for use with the patient book
  • UV protective glasses with rubber band
  • LCD Timer

The warranty period is 24 months.


before after



PPPeter vitiligo
Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 300 (length) x 60 (width) x 45 (height) cm
Weight: 285 g
Effective irradiation area: 110 x 40 mm
Connection and power: 230 V, 50 Hz, 20 W
Manufacturer: Dr K. Hönle Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany
Certification: CE 0123


vitiligo lamp certificate


vitiligo UVB lamp certificate


vitiligo lamp Dermalight 80 certificate

Don't hesitate to contact us at:

Phone: +421917265514

Discussion 8

Robert, 8.4.2023 22:52.09

Thank you for the fast delivery and for the advice on choosing products.

Andrea , 20.8.2021 14:06.08

So good to not go to my dermatologist for treatment and do it by myself while watching Netflix :-)

Krisztina, 12.5.2021 14:18.42

The lamp was delivered very promptly. Im not yet seeing the effects but its still just couple of days Im using..hopefully it will helps as to your other customers in your blog

Julia, 5.5.2021 20:17.55

Honestly I think this is the best home treatment you can get for yourself

Baban, 22.8.2021 16:00.20

Re: Honestly I think this is the best home t...

Hi Julia Could you tell me about your product? Is that useful? Did you get a permanent solution ? I'm grateful if you explain it to me.

Jergus, 23.4.2021 10:45.27

Thanks for fast delivery and online consultation

Anne C., 11.4.2021 11:23.01

Thank you for consultation about the product. Have good feeling it will work for white spots on my arms!

Jane, 9.4.2021 12:59.45

Light treatment works! You saved me :-)

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Dermalight® 80R UVB
Dermalight® 80R UVB

345 €

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