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What is collagen, and why should it be supplemented after 25 years of life?

Collagen is a protein that is found virtually throughout our body. Mostly, it affects the condition of joints and skin quality. For these two reasons the collagen is essential for our body. It is well known that since the age of 25, the human body is gradually losing its ability to form collagen, and its amount is reduced by 1.5% every year. After 40 years of life, the human body does not create it almost at all. To maintain a healthy and supple skin it is important to supplement it regularly.

Why did chlorella appear on this site?

Of all green plants, chlorella has the highest proportion of valuable chlorophyll , it contains a large amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, the concentration of which is significantly higher than in terrestrial plants. It belongs to the group of "super foods" . It effectively helps the body get rid of toxins and heavy metals.

Studies have shown that the green dye acts to prevent cancer, slow down the growth of tumors, prevent unwanted changes at the cellular level and inactivate a number of carcinogens and mutugens in the body. It also regulates the function of the thyroid gland , which is responsible for the hormonal balance of the body. It brightens the skin and accelerates the regeneration of skin exposed to UV radiation .

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  • Marine collagen 200g

    100% pure bioactive marine collagen powder made from fish by special enzymatic hydrolysis.


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  • Chlorella Japan powder 200g

    100% BIO product to support the detoxification and proper functioning of the immune system.

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    Warehouse number: 1020020
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  • Chlorella Japan 750 tbl

    100% BIO product to support the detoxification and proper functioning of the immune system.


    14,67 € incl. VAT

    16,19 € incl. VAT Discount 9.4%

    Warehouse number: 1020030
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  • Duo Detox herbal

    Supplement for complex body detoxification by natural means.


    6,80 € incl. VAT

    Warehouse number: 1030010
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  • Probicus® Premium

    Supplement containing live bacterial cultures of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium,...


    8,90 € incl. VAT

    Warehouse number: 1030020
    Availability: In stock

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