Petra K.

Added 27.7.2023 13:24.00

Hello everyone, I am reporting after a long time with my results. I had vitiligo ten months ago.

Petra K.

In the beginning I was very bad about it, just like everyone here... after about a month, I bought a Dermalight lamp from the Vitiligoshop and everything that was recommended here - i.e. Vitistop tablets, Vitistop gel, Gingko biloba, and the doctor was also happy to prescribe Protopik, since I light up regularly. Twice a week for 5 minutes, I apply the prescribed ointment to my hands only in the evening. I apply Vitistop gel during the day. I take Vitistop vitamins regularly in the morning and the results have come. Somewhere the spots have repigmented. Judge for yourself.

I want to encourage you all with this = don't give up! I recommend irradiating and also having as little stress as possible. Even though it's hard at this time..

Thank you for your help

Dermalight lamp




Vitistop gel

Vitistop tablets




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