Phototherapy – Light treatment

Phototherapy - light treatment

Among the best known and most effective treatments for Vitiligo is certainly a phototherapy.

It is a treatment with UVB radiation with a wavelength of 311 nm. I am currently testing a domestic hand lamp Dermalight 80 of German production. So let's show you the first positive results that have already occurred after a month of treatment and with which I combine this therapy.

You can choose a home phototherapy and use a hand-held UVB lamp in combination with Vitix gel or visit medical facilities and go for regular irradiation combined with psoralens (a prescription medicine that increases the sensitivity to UV radiation).

From a time point of view, I decided on home treatment in combination with Vitix gel and vitamins.

Process of treatment

Process of treatment

Products used throughout the course of treatment:

Why did I choose these nutritional supplements? You can read more about their effects in other blog articles.

Treatment procedure:

I am irradiated 3-4 times a week. The length of one radiation is 5 minutes for each area of the body being treated , which means that one whole procedure takes me more than an hour (I watch the TV) I stain the largest stains before irradiation with Vitix gel and use supporting vitamins and minerals every morning after breakfast.

As an illustrative example, I shoot just the thumb on my hand, it is my biggest and oldest patch, apparently hands / fingers repigment the hardest, so why not do the opposite.




I will keep updating the results with photos in the gallery. It should be noted that this therapy is costly and time consuming but has certainly achieved the most visible results in a very short time. In the sunny months I prefer the Sun in combination with Vitix gel.

Do not hesitate to contact me contact me for advice on treatment, products or orders.

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Treatment procedure - gallery


Have you tried to include phototherapy in the treatment process?

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