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Hello, thanks to Peter, I managed to repigment my spots, which began after the infection with dangerous malaria in Africa, which I brought from my holiday.


I communicated closely with Peter (owner of Vitiligoshop) and advised me which products to use. The first results were seen after only 4 months but after 8 months I already had almost all the spots repigmented as you can see in the photos. Of course, in addition to Vitistop gelVitistop tablets and Dermalight 80 lamp, I had to adjust the lifestyle, eliminate stress, replenish the body with other nutritional supplements and especially to be very patient, but the result is worth it. You can judge yourself.

I keep my fingers crossed for your vitiligo repigmentation and not to lose faith that although it is a difficult process, but it is not impossible.

Thank you for your help!

=> Peter's treatment story you can read in the blog "How to fight vitiligo?"

Vitix gel

Vitistop tablets

Peter also left us references on the IG account: patopopular. Thank you.

patopopular vitiligo







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