Vitiligo makeup - product test

How to reliably cover Vitiligo? What vitiligo makeup to choose? Will the shade fit? Will the makeup be waterproof? Suitable in combination with UVB therapy and Vitistop gel? 

We have prepared an article for you in which we will answer all the mentioned questions and at the same time we have prepared for you a comparison of the best and most used preparations for camouflage vitiligo.

Zanderm - American product and totally NEW on the European market only available in our store

 3 huge advantages of Zanderm products:

 1) A large number of available shades - it fits virtually everyone's shade

                   Zanderm paleta

 2) Easy and quick application 

Zanderm applicator












             Zanderm wide applicator


  • Beauty Blender sponge is new revolutionary make-up sponge, which will create the perfect camouflage of vitiligo in combination with Zanderm cosmetics.

          Zanderm sponge


 3) 100% natural product suitable in combination with Vitistop gel and phototherapy.








Viticolor - French vitiligo makeup and number one on the European market Viticolor

This topcoat has several advantages, the largest being a 100% natural composition, making it suitable in combination with Vitistop gel and UVB light treatment.

The negatives that almost discouraged me from offering this product to VitiligoShop were two:

  • higher price compared to conventional self-tan foams
  • staining Viticolor during the winter months was too strong for light skin and made a visible contrast comparing to not tan skin

So, let's explain why Viticolor is number one in Europe.

Refuting the above-mentioned negatives:

1) High price: A high price to the eye, but in practical terms Viticolor will last for a few months, which cannot be said about tanning foams. How is it possible? Viticolor is so concentrated that it is enough to apply a minimum of gel to the bristle and absorb well in circular movements..

2) Coloring: Eafter testing this product, we recommend applying the gel really minimally applied really minimally and well rubbed and finally after about 2 minutes wipe the unabsorbed gel into a napkin, then you get the desired result. The advantage is the possibility of color control and thus the year-round usability of the product.


We also add pictures of our customer for comparison.

before and after using viticolor


comparison of products


The American ZANDERM product became the close winner of the testing, mainly thanks to the sophisticated range of products, thanks to which everyone will find their own shade. Another significant plus of this product is the speed of application to the skin or portability.





    Precision Applicator - First time customer

    First time customers: Precision Applicators for just 8€ each.

    In stock

    8 €


    Zanderm wide concealer

    Handy wide concealer by luxury cosmetics Zanderm immediately masks large spots of Vitiligo with a few quick moves.

    In stock

    32 €


    Zanderm precision concealer

    Handy precision concealer by luxury cosmetics Zanderm immediately masks small spots of Vitiligo with a few quick moves.

    In stock

    18 €

  • Camouflage package 55 € 9%

    Camouflage package

    Revolutionary vitiligo camouflage from United States! The package includes a wide and precise concealer along with a new revolutionary sponge for even better application.

    In stock

    50 €

    55 € Discount 9.1%


    Beauty Blender sponge


    New revolutionary make-up sponge, which will create the perfect camouflage of vitiligo in combination with Zanderm cosmetics.

    In stock

    5 €

  • Viticolor 24 € 8%



    Durable skin camouflage gel, permanently colours depigmented areas for 3-5 days. It can be used in conjunction with the usual treatment of vitiligo, especially with phototherapy and Vitix gel.

    In stock

    22 €

    24 € Discount 8.3%

  • Standard package 83 € 9%


    Standard package

    Standard package containing Vitistop gel and all necessary vitamins and minerals + Zanderm masking concealer.

    In stock

    75 €

    83 € Discount 9.6%


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