Jane V.

Added 4.1.2024 15:02.09

Vitiligo first appeared on both my hands ten years ago. I tried to deal with it, I went for light therapy but unfortunately no results....so time consuming...so I gave up.

Jane V.

It was spreading gradually, however this spring it was almost an extreme rise...I don't know what exactly happened. And then in the summer I decided to solve it, when I purchased a Dermalight lamp and Vitistop gel and tablets from you.
Otherwise, I am not being treated for any disease. I don't use any medication regularly. Only for a while in the spring for allergies... late spring pollen...but that's totally fine, just a mild case.
This summer I had a big blood test done for viti, just in case...and everything is fine. The Dr. literally told me that there is not a single value wrong that we need to do anything about...anything to address ... to catch something to possibly address the vitiligo.
First photo, September 2023, second today... 4 months difference. I would like to thank you very much for your valuable advice and products Vitistop gel, tablets...and also UVB lamp....it takes patience...but it pays off.

Vitiligo repigmentation

Vitiligoshop referencie


UVB dermalight lamp

Vitistop gel


Vitistop tabletten



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