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Durable skin camouflage gel, permanently colours depigmented areas for 3-5 days. It can be used in conjunction with the usual treatment of vitiligo, especially with phototherapy and Vitix gel.

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Viticolor gel combines:

  • Dyes that immediately colour the skin, highlighting the area of application.
  • Pigmentation agents (DHA and Erythrulose), which give deeper and more durable colours. This colouring keep appearing several hours after application.


Apply Viticolor gel to depigmented areas with the supplied applicator (bristles) to ensure accurate application. Use a bristle to apply the gel from the centre of the depigmented area outwards to avoid transient lines. Allow the gel to dry after application. If the resulting colour is too pale 8 hours after application, repeat the gel application. Subsequent 1-2 applications per week will help maintain a desired colour.

Packaging: 50ml

Caution: The product may discolour clothes.

Very fast delivery of product. Happy wit...

Susane, 11.4.2021 11:21.05

Very fast delivery of product. Happy with camouflage result. For sure will order another time

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