Camouflage package

Camouflage package

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Revolutionary vitiligo camouflage from United States! The package includes a wide and precise concealer along with a new revolutionary sponge for even better application.

53,87 € incl. VAT

61,64 € incl. VAT Discount 12.6%

Warehouse number: 1900040

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Producer: Zanderm USA

Simple and perfect vitiligo camouflage  now in a tailor-made stock package!

Tips and tricks

  • The Zanderm wide concealer (18 ml) has up to 8 times the volume of the Zanderm precision concealer (2.2 ml).
  • Zanderm wide concealer is recommended to apply with a special sponge, see video.
  • ! ! We recommend applying Zanderm cosmetics before going to bed and on clean skin, thanks to which you will extend the duration and resistance of camouflage. ! !
  • The durability of camouflage depends on the darkness of the shade. The darker the shade, the longer it lasts on the skin.
  • Zanderm precision concealer is suitable for smaller areas and is easy to apply and portable.



The camouflage package contains:

Zanderm wide concealer worth € 43.20

Zanderm precision concealer worth € 22.61

Beauty Blender sponge for an even better application worth € 4.39





Fast delivery, very satisfied with camou...

Anna Maria, 20.8.2021 14:09.24

Fast delivery, very satisfied with camouflage results on my face and hands.

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Working in US I was using these cosmetic...

Andrea, 12.5.2021 14:22.05

Working in US I was using these cosmetics products one summer and I was really satisfied. Positively suprised I found it on your website.

Ordered all the package for the first ti...

Sabrine, 5.5.2021 20:20.43

Ordered all the package for the first time and have to say its very handy for travelling, at work or anywhere else where I need to quickly hide my white spots on hands or face..Im happ with camouflage results

Great deal! Ideal for upcoming summer mo...

John K., 11.4.2021 11:20.02

Great deal! Ideal for upcoming summer months to quickly hide vitiligo spots. Good to find out this american cosmetics is available also in Europe! Thank you

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