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We recommend using the package for all months except summer. The package contains 6 products + vitamin C 120 tbl. FREE!

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Vitix gel - regenerates melanocytes and helps restore the natural formation and amount of skin pigment melanin

Vitix tablets - combination of primary and secondary antioxidants that eliminate cellular damage by oxidative stress

Vitamin D3 - supports the immune system to such an extent that in many cases it has caused skin repigmentation in humans

Ginkgo - the relevant properties of ginkgo on vitiligo are its antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. Ginkgo extract has been repeatedly shown to be highly effective against these two causes.

Folic Acid - one of the vitamins B used in the treatment of Vitiligo, which prevents pigment loss and promotes increased production of melanin.

Zinc + Selenium - protection against oxidative stress and support of healthy skin

Vitamin C - better collagen absorption, protection of cells from oxidative stress, proper functioning of immune system and skin

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