Panthenol foam 150 ml

Panthenol foam 150 ml

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It soothes and heals the skin excessively irradiated by the sun or UV radiation.

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Producer: Generica

Suitable for overexposed depigmented sites.

It provides relief, soothes and pleasantly cools the skin overexposed by the sun or similarly irritated. Use is particularly suitable in areas where irritation and redness of the skin due to exertion, UV radiation, irradiation in solariums, weathering, friction and the like occur.

The use:

  • Sun-induced inflammations,
  • Daily skin care, even for children.

Recommended use: the foam is applied to the skin in a thin layer and it is spread easily

Good product for summer! Thanks for fast...

Zoltan, 11.4.2021 11:24.23

Good product for summer! Thanks for fast delivery.

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